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Apply for Bankruptcy

Apply for Bankruptcy

If you want to apply for Bankruptcy there is nothing to stop you doing so yourself if you wish. However if you want help and support through the process our assistance service is what you need.

The service includes completing your application forms with you, preparing you for your visit to the Court and your interview with the Official Receiver. In addition we continue to provide you advice during the period of your Bankruptcy.

What does our Apply for Bankruptcy service include?

The process of completing your application forms, attending the Court and then having an interview with the Official Receiver is daunting. The key features of our service are designed to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

1 – Completion of your Bankruptcy application documents
Your bankruptcy application documents will include the following:

6.27 – Debtor’s Bankruptcy Petition
6.28 – Statement of Affairs (Debtor’s Petition)

The statement of affairs (form 6.28) is 30 pages long and needs to be completed correctly. If it is not you may be turned away by the Court and asked to return when the form is properly filled in. In particular the living expenses section of the form is does not give a clear guide to all the possible expenses you should include. We will ensure you list all of your allowable expenses so that any Income Payment Agreement is correctly calculated.

We will complete your documents on your behalf during a telephone meeting with you. Once the documents are completed we will e-mail you electronic versions (MS Word) for your review. We will make any changes that you believe are required and then e-mail you the final versions in electronic format.

2 – Preparation for your Court Visit
If you are prepared your visit to the Court to submit your Bankruptcy application will not be so daunting.

We will help you identify your local Court and advise you about how to go about booking an appointment if necessary. We will explain what to expect when you go to the Court including dealing with the Bankruptcy Clerk and meeting with the District Judge.

BE Tip: We will not accompany you to the Court. Where this is required it can be arranged but an additional fee will be charged.

3 – Preparation for your interview with the Official Receiver
Your interview with the Official Receiver (OR) is one of the most important parts of the bankruptcy process. The OR will decide what to do with assets such as your car and home and how much you should pay each month towards your debts.

We will explain what to expect in your interview with the OR and make sure you are able to answer all the questions that may be put to you and that you are prepared to ask anything which is relevant to you.

If you would like to Apply for Bankruptcy please give us a call on 0800 044 5407 or complete the form below and we will call you back

How much does our Bankruptcy Service Cost?

We charge an upfront fee for our Bankruptcy Assistance Service as follows:

Single person Bankruptcy Application:   £350
Couple Bankruptcy Application:               £575

An increase to the standard fee may be charged for individuals or couples currently residing outside of the UK or for other individuals who require a more in depth assistance. This charge will be agreed in advance and be stated in the Letter of Engagement but will not normally be more than £500 for an individual and £750 for a couple. Otherwise the charges as highlighted above will apply.

DM4U Tip: In addition to our fee you will also have to pay a Bankruptcy fee at the Court which is currently £705 per person.

Note: If having paid a fee it subsequently comes to light that the advice provided to you was incorrect and Bankruptcy is not the most appropriate solution for you then you will be refunded the fee paid in full and the option to start a more suitable solution will be discussed.

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Duration of the Service

Once you return your Letter of Engagement and pay the required fee we will then arrange a convenient time to complete your bankruptcy application documents with you over the telephone.

The service we provide will be considered to be delivered in full once your application documents have been completed and returned to you and we have explained to you what to expect both at the Court and in your Interview with the Official Receiver given your particular circumstances.

Ongoing Support during your Bankruptcy
You will normally be Bankrupt for 12 months. During this time we will endeavour to continue to provide support and advice to you on the telephone where reasonably possible. However we will not be contractually obliged to provide this support.

More information about our Bankruptcy Service

Please click on the link below for additional information about our Bankruptcy Assistance Service including:

– Service Terms & Conditions
– Key advice about the Bankruptcy Solution (Information you must read before applying for Bankruptcy)
– How long our service will last
– Your right to Cancel
– Your right to Complain

More information about our Bankruptcy Service

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