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How to start a DMP

  • Debt Management For You
  • 24.01.2020

  • The steps required to start a debt management plan: Completing your financial statement. Negotiating with creditors. Maintaining payments

    Is Debt Management appropriate for you

  • Debt Management For You

  • Is Debt Management right for your situation? What will your payments be? Can your creditors be included? How is your house and credit rating affected?

    Start a debt management plan yourself

  • Debt Management For You
  • 11.02.2019

  • How to start your own debt management plan. When can you start making reduced payments? How often should you review the agreement?

    How are Creditors repaid in a DMP

  • Debt Management For You
  • 23.08.2018

  • How much are your creditors repaid in a debt management plan? How is your monthly payment divided? Can you pay your Plan early?

    Pay your Debt in Full or Settle Early

  • Debt Management For You
  • 05.02.2015

  • When does a Debt Management Plan end? How long will your payments last? What can you do to reduce the length of your Debt Payment Plan?