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Start a Debt Management Plan

  • Debt Management For You
  • 24.01.2020

  • How to start a Debt management Plan (DMP). Complete your financial statement. Agreeing reduced payments with creditors. Maintain and review the Plan

    Is Debt Management appropriate for you

  • Debt Management For You
  • 05.01.2020

  • Is Debt Management right for your situation? What will your payments be? Can your creditors be included? How is your house and credit rating affected?

    Start a debt management plan yourself

  • Debt Management For You
  • 11.02.2019

  • How to start your own debt management plan. When can you start making reduced payments? How often should you review the agreement?

    How quickly can you get a Debt Management Plan

  • Debt Management For You
  • 05.12.2018

  • How quickly can a Debt Management Plan be put in place? When do reduced payments start? When do payment demands stop? How quickly will interest be frozen?

    Calculate the length of your DMP

  • Melissa McDonald
  • 17.06.2015

  • How to calculate the length of your DMP. Why is this only an estimate? Is it possible to reduce the length? Can you guarantee how long a DMP will last?

    Pay your Debt in Full or Settle Early

  • Debt Management For You
  • 05.02.2015

  • When does a Debt Management Plan end? How long will your payments last? What can you do to reduce the length of your Debt Payment Plan?

    Review your financial circumstances regularly

  • Debt Management For You

  • Why review your finances during a Debt Management Plan? What if they stay the same? What if they change? Must you to tell creditors if your income goes up?

    Maintain Debt Payments as Agreed

  • Debt Management For You

  • How to make sure Debt Management Plan payments are made on time. How to check the balance of your accounts. Do you still pay if your creditors do not agree?

    Agree Reduced Payments with your Creditors

  • Debt Management For You

  • How to agree reduced debt repayments. How long will the negotiation process take? What to do if a creditor does not agree or continues to add interest.